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benefits to forklift rental

5 Benefits to Forklift Rental & Hire

Buying a forklift isn’t always the best option for some fleet and warehouse managers, so that’s where the benefits of forklift rental and hire come to the fore.

Forklift rental and hire can be very cost effective, hassle free and efficient.

Especially if your business doesn’t have thousands of euros to buy and you find yourself in the situation where you’re coming to a business time of year and you find yourself low on machinery due to a breakdown or other reason.

If you don’t want to consider a rental and looking at a used forklift, it’s important to know how USED is USED, this BLOG will help.

Rental can be 2 months long, shorter or even long term, and you only pay for the hours you use it!

The benefits of forklift rental and hire should be taken into account whether you run a small business that is just getting started or a major organisation that is considering internalising your material handling requirements.

Here we have listed our Top 5 Benefits to Forklift Rental and Hire.

benefits of forklift rental

Top 5 Benefits to Forklift Rental and Hire

1. Get Your Forklift FAST

Machines always seem to breakdown and go wrong at the WORST and BUSIEST possible time. Or sometimes they need their routine service and can be out of action for a few days. That’s where the beauty of short-term rentals come in as they will keep your day trucking along.

Masterlift can deliver a rental forklift nationwide in Ireland within 24 hours of receiving a signed rental agreement!

2. Only Pay for When You Need it

You have the freedom to avoid paying for equipment you aren’t utilizing when you rent.

Renting is the best option if you have a short-term contract or a seasonal uptick in revenue. Return the forklift and save money at slow times.

Borrowing money to buy a new forklift while your company is just getting off the ground will affect your credit score. You can benefit from a long-term forklift rental and maintain your lines of credit clear of debt at the same time.

3. Have Fixed Monthly Costs

Knowing you’re not going to receive any unexpected maintenance or other bill for your machinery at the end of the month can be great freedom for a business.

You’ll know how much to budget for the cost throughout the course of your rental agreement when you rent or hire a forklift. Masterlift includes the full maintenance package in our contracts too.

This means your business will have fewer cost surprises for this investment throughout the year as long as the forklift is not damaged.

4. Have the Confidence of a New or Perfect Working Machine

Masterlift has a large fleet of both new and used forklifts for rental and hire and we keep our machines to the very highest standards of health of safety.

This takes a huge amount of stress away from a fleet or warehouse manager, knowing that there will not be an issue with the machine when it’s working.

You will also be able to choose the spec of forklift for your particular job and we will work with you to make that process as easy as possible.

5. Take Advantage of a Tailored Package

Together with our finance department we design individual packages for every customer needs.

Renting a forklift for an extended period of time enables you to organise the logistics of achieving your company’s objectives.

Due to the absence of seasonal clients, your business may be able to get special prices.

If you agree to rental terms that provide you access to replacements, you’ll also have the chance to do away with the necessity for backup equipment for when your normal asset malfunctions.

Forklift Rental with Masterlift Ireland

Masterlift have been specialising in contract and casual forklift rental since 1985. We have built up a large forklift rental fleet that is based throughout Ireland.

We have 300 forklifts on contract hire and 150 forklifts available for casual rental.

Together with our finance department we design individual packages for every customer needs. We cater for all shift operations and our rental fleet is supported 24 hours a day by our service departments in Dublin and Galway.

All of our rental forklifts are kept to the highest health and safety standards.

We transport anywhere in Ireland using our own transport company that comprises of three specially designed road trucks. No rental is too big or too small.

Read about one of our client’s, Ross Engineering, HERE.

benefits of forklift rental