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Why a Construction Plant Fitter Apprenticeship Might be for You!

Are you trying to figure out the next step in your career? Why not consider a Construction Plant Fitter Apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship combines learning in a classroom and in the field, which greatly increases employment opportunities upon completion.

It’s also a great time to do an apprenticeship as there is a huge shortage in Ireland.

In this blog we’ll share some information for why you should consider a construction plant fitter apprenticeship as a career path as well as other useful tips.

Maybe a career in Masterlift is waiting just for you?

Sounds good?

fitter apprenticeship

What is a Construction Plant Fitter Apprenticeship?

A construction plant fitter services, diagnoses, and fixes technical issues with mobile machinery used in the off-road and on-road construction, excavation, mining, forestry, and waste management industries.

The wide variety of machinery used in these industries necessitates that the plant fitter be multi-skilled in small plant maintenance and repair as well as engine and transmission repair.

The scope of the Construction Plant Fitter also includes the capacity to recognise and correct electrical issues in machinery.

The tasks include:

  • Carrying out all work in line with the manufacturer’s suggested procedures.
  • Diagnosing and fixing issues with the mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical systems of machinery and equipment, such as tracked excavators, forklifts, cranes, etc.
  • Servicing large, high-tech machinery

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What is a Construction Plant Fitter pay in Ireland?

This depends on experience, but the rate is very, very competitive.

The average annual wage for fitters in Ireland is €42 500, or €21.79 per hour.

Most experienced workers can earn up to € 51525 per year, while entry-level occupations start at € 37 079 annually, according to

And don’t worry, construction plant fitter apprenticeships are also paid, so you will earn while you learn at Masterlift.

Benefits of doing a Construction Plant Fitter Apprenticeship

  • You will learn and develop new craft-related skills, knowledge and competencies
  • Learn from skilled and experienced workers
  • You will get to work with large machinery and mechanical equipment on a daily basis
  • Keep physically active as opposed to sitting in an office all day
  • Learn how to use technical tools and equipment
  • Diagnose and repair both mechanical and electrical systems
  • Drive some of the biggest machines around
  • Earn as you learn!
  • No college debt

fitter apprenticeship


What do you do as a Construction Plant Fitter?

A construction plant fitter at Masterlift will have an exciting, challenging and technical role within the company.

Some of the tasks and requirements include:

  • Observe and abide by all national and EU laws governing health, safety, and the environment; and take reasonable care in the performance of their duties.
  • When maintaining machines and equipment, read, understand, and abide by the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Check the operation of the mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, and other systems using specialised equipment, record the results, and communicate with the client.
  • To find and fix issues, use logical thinking and the manufacturer’s suggested diagnostic methods.

Are Construction Plant Fitters in demand?

Construction plant fitters have been in demand for several years now in Ireland and continue to be.

As the construction and engineering sectors are so strong in Ireland, skilled construction plant fitters maintain, repair and service the complex machines that keep these industries turning over.

Masterlift works with companies involved in forestry, industry, pharmaceutical, technological and construction sector and an apprentice with us can expect to be in all or any of these workplaces during their time.

What skills are needed to be a Construction Plant Fitter?

You must be able to use your hands and be physically active to work as a construction plant fitter.

Attention to detail, health and safety knowledge, and decent housekeeping are all necessary.

The Construction Plant Fitter must be able to:

  • plan and organise
  • communicate effectively
  • solve problems
  • work independently and in a team
  • exhibit a positive attitude
  • recognise the need for good customer relations
  • demonstrate good work practices, such as punctuality, neatness, responsibility, quality awareness, and safety awareness.

What is the difference between a fitter and a mechanic?

In general, a plant fitter has more specialised training than a mechanic.

A mechanic, however, will be able to handle a larger range of circumstances in less time.

We have a full blog comparing a fitter and a mechanic you may be interested in?

A plant fitter may be needed in specialised applications, whereas smaller organisations that cannot afford to provide their employees with specialised training may need a mechanic.

Unlike mechanics, plant fitters concentrate on a certain skill set and hone it over time to a higher level. Their main advantages are that they are specialists rather than generalists, despite the fact that they may specialise in various skill sets.

fitter apprenticeship

What is a Construction Plant Fitter by trade?

Apprentices who successfully complete the program are qualified to work in a recognised trade or profession.

Apprentices and craftspeople who exhibit the required initiative, aptitude, and fundamental credentials are eligible for progression.

These include management and advanced technology courses that can be found in professional institutes, schools of management, and institutes of technology.

A lot of apprentices use their apprenticeship certification as a springboard for professions in engineering, management, self-employment, technical training, instructors, lecturers, and teaching, among other fields.

How long is a Construction Plant Fitter Apprenticeship?

A construction plant fitter apprenticeship with Masterlift will last a total of four years provided all phases are successfully completed.

The four years will be broken down into 7 phases – click HERE for a breakdown of course content.

Phase 1: With Employer

Phase 2: Delivered in Training Centre (20 weeks)

Phase 3: With Employer

Phase 4: Delivered in Educational Colleges (10 weeks)

Phase 5: With Employer

Phase 6: Delivered in Educational Colleges (10 weeks)

Phase 7: With Employer

How to become a Construction Plant Fitter apprentice?

You must find employment as an apprentice in the field of your choice and the employer must be approved to provide training.

Within two weeks of hiring you, the employer is required to register you as an apprentice.

Apprenticeship candidates in some trades must pass a SOLAS-approved exam for colour vision.

Requirements for entry:

  • Grade D in five subjects in the Department of Education & Skills Junior Certificate Examination or an approved equivalent,


  • The successful completion of an approved Pre-Apprenticeship course


  • Three years’ work experience gained over sixteen years of age in a relevant designated industrial activity as SOLAS shall deem acceptable


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