hyundai forklift range and equipment parked at Masterlift HQ

Discover Superior Forklift Equipment at Masterlift

Welcome to Masterlift, where we specialise in offering a diverse range of top-quality forklift equipment tailored to meet every industrial need.

From robust, heavy-duty forklifts to versatile warehousing equipment, our comprehensive selection is designed to enhance efficiency and safety in your operations.

Our commitment to providing state-of-the-art equipment, backed by expert advice and support, ensures you find the perfect solution for your material handling requirements.

Explore our range and experience the Masterlift difference in elevating your business’s productivity and operational standards.



Depending on a customer’s requirements we can offer new and reconditioned forklifts. We aim to make our rental fleet as cost efficient as possible. This includes a full maintenance package. We can deliver a forklift with 24 hours notice on receipt of a signed rental contract.

pallet truck

Warehousing Equipment

Warehousing equipment allows for easy and more importantly safe heavy handling, it can dramatically reduce down time spent lifting heavy loads. They help to load, unload, move, stack and palletise goods.

Midac Batteries

Midac Batteries

Midac entered the market in 1989 and has kept pace with the innovations of its field. This modern company was designed and built to house the entire production line and is supported by the most advanced technologies that the sector has to offer.