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Forklift Maintenance and Tips 2024

If you want a safer forklift then proper maintenance is something you cannot ignore.

If they are not maintained correctly, they can be both dangerous for the operator and unreliable in terms of performance.

So proper forklift maintenance and safety will save time, money and ensure a safer workplace.

In this blog, we’ll go over some ideas and best practices for keeping your forklifts in good shape and lowering your risk of an accident.

We will also provide tips that you can utilise to improve your forklift maintenance and safety practices, whether you’re a seasoned forklift operator or new to the field.

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Proper Forklift Maintenance Tips

In order to ensure safe and effective operation, proper forklift maintenance is essential.

But here are some more pointers to maintain your forklifts operating at peak efficiency.

We have also covered this other of our blogs, such as Top Forklift Safety Tips for your Workplace blog.

Daily Inspections

Before anyone uses your forklifts, they should conduct a quick inspection to check for any damage or defects.

This might seem a nuisance every time, but this should never be skipped as it could be the difference in preventing an accident.

Check your Fluid

Make sure that fluids like hydraulic fluid, coolant, and oil are kept at the right levels by routinely checking their levels.

Low fluid levels might shorten the forklift’s lifespan and damage it and that is cost your business can avoid.

Proper Battery Maintenance

If your forklift has a battery, make sure you charge it correctly and steer clear of overcharging or undercharging.

Regularly check the battery’s water level and add distilled water as necessary.

We’ve covered this topic in detail in our Top Tips to Correct Forklift Battery Maintenance blog.

Get Serviced Regularly

This is key if you want your forklift to live a long and healthy life!

You should make sure the service is conducted by qualified technicians following manufacturer’s recommendations.

forklift maintenance


Masterlift offers a nationwide service and, if needed, emergency 24 hour repair for all our machines.

Keep the machine clean

You don’t want a dirty forklift.

Whether that is for better forklift maintenance or just for the visual impact of the machine – you got to keep to clean.

Regularly washing to remove dirt and debris that has built up will keep your machine looking and performing fresh.

Check the Forks

One of the most important parts of the forklift should be looked after with regular TLC.

With heavy work and general wear and tear, there is always potential for leaks, damage or even bending.

Any issues should be fixed immediately.

Check the Brakes

The forklift’s brakes are another essential safety feature, so it’s important to frequently inspect them to make sure they’re in good working order.

Have the brakes serviced by a certified mechanic if any problems are discovered.

Ensure Proper Lubrication

To avoid wear and damage, regularly lubricate moving components including the mast, chains, and rollers.

Regarding the kind and frequency of lubrication, abide by the manufacturer’s instructions.

Check the Lights

Make sure that all of the lights are functioning correctly because adequate illumination is crucial for forklift safety.

Any broken lenses or burned-out bulbs should be replaced right away.

Maintain the Rubber

A forklift’s performance and stability may suffer if the tires are worn out or damaged.

Regularly inspect the tires for wear or damage, and replace them as necessary.

forklift maintenance

You can help keep your forklifts working smoothly and lower the chance of accidents by adhering to some basic maintenance suggestions.

Keep in mind that maintaining your forklifts helps you save money over time while also keeping your personnel safe.

Forklift Maintenance and Safety Tips for your Workplace

Because forklifts can be hazardous pieces of machinery, it’s crucial to adhere to forklift safety best practices.

We’ve covered this in great detail in our blog on common forklift accidents and how to prevent them.

But here is some quick advice to refresh.

  • Train your operators
  • Use proper load handling techniques
  • Follow speed limits and traffic regulations
  • Use the horn, signals and other communication tools

Forklift Safety Regulations

When it comes to proper forklift maintenance, it’s important to know the laws too.

In Ireland, there are numerous laws and regulations that govern forklift safety.

These include the European Communities (Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road and Use of Transportable Pressure Equipment) Regulations.

Also, the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act.

Key safety standards under these regulations include the following:

  • Forklift operators must receive the appropriate training and certification.
  • regular forklift maintenance and inspection
  • Wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) by pedestrians and operatorsforklift maintenance
  • using the right load handling and stacking procedures
  • if applicable, safe handling and storage of hazardous materials

To avoid fines and guarantee a safe workplace, it’s critical for businesses to be aware of these requirements and to make sure they’re in compliance.

On the website of the Health and Safety Authority (HSA), you can discover additional details about these rules and safety requirements.


To tie this blog up, forklifts can be incredible machines and assets to a workplace as long as they are properly maintained.

Operating them in a safe manner is equally as important too.

At Masterlift, even one forklift accident in a workplace is one too many.

But keeping to the basic principles outlined above is what you should be doing either way.

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