How long does forklift certification last

Answered: How long does forklift certification last 2023?

So, you’re wondering how long does forklift certification last? Good question; because it’s crucially important to know for industry professionals and operators.

A valid forklift licence or certification is the difference between being legally compliant and not for Irish businesses, large and small.

Making sure your forklift operators are properly certified and informed about the validity of their credentials is the first step in navigating the complex world of workplace safety, regulatory standards, and the dynamics of material handling in Ireland.

We’ll go into greater detail about Ireland’s forklift certification durations in this blog, including what it means for operators and businesses.

How long does forklift certification last

How long does forklift certification last: The duration

Forklift certification in Ireland typically lasts for three years once it has been successfully completed and issued.

This indicates that your certification to operate a forklift will be valid for the following three years after you have completed the required training and examinations.

Remember, you are legally required to have forklift training and certification completed before you drive one.

Although this three-year period is the norm, there are certain situations or circumstances that may call for an early re-certification.

To maintain ongoing compliance with Irish workplace safety rules, operators and businesses must be aware of these possibilities, some of which include:

  • Unsafe operator observation or complaint
  • Accidents or near-misses
  • Switching the type of forklift
  • Workplace changes

It’s important that the operator or person is proactive in ensuring his or hers certificate is up to date.

When you might require early re-certification

As stated above, there are a number of reasons that could influence you needing your forklift licence or certificate re-certified.

We will go into greater detail below.

How long does forklift certification last

Unsafe driving

The primary duty of every forklift driver is to ensure everyone’s safety, both on the job and off. An immediate warning sign is when a forklift operator is repeatedly seen operating it dangerously or violating accepted safety practises. This could include anything from failing to fasten seatbelts, driving too fast, to loading and unloading cargo inadvertently.

Having a near miss or accident

Any involvement in a close call or mishap involving a forklift indicates that the operator might benefit from more training. Re-certification guarantees that operators are consistently adhering to best practises for safe operation, even though accidents can occasionally happen due to circumstances beyond an operator’s control.

Changing the type of forklift

The forklift industry is broad, with many models created for different purposes. Re-certification is necessary if an operator who has been trained on one model or type transfers to another with different operational needs. This guarantees that the operator is familiar with the subtleties of the new technology.

Learn more on the different types of forklift HERE.

Moving work or environment

Changes in the workplace, such as the addition of new tools, revised warehouse designs, or even new kinds of cargo, might bring up unanticipated difficulties. Operators may require a refresher course and future recertification in order to navigate these changes safely and effectively in such changing contexts.

Renewing or getting your licence recertified

Refresher or recertification courses are designed to remind and evaluate an operator’s skill or knowledge when driving a forklift.

The courses can be broken down into skills assessment, refresher training, practical evaluation and the issuance of a renewed certification upon complete.

How long does forklift certification last

Masterlift provides refresher RTITB forklift training and certification for all businesses.

It might seem a little excessive and needless to some people, but these refresher courses are designed with the operator’s workplace and his/hers own safety in mind.

You cannot take any risks when it comes to forklift safety in the workplace.

Potential Risks of operating a forklift without a valid certification or licence

The duty of operating a forklift necessitates strict respect to safety procedures and laws.

In Ireland, it is not only advisable to ensure that operators hold current certifications; it is also required by law.

The repercussions of disobeying this requirement may be extensive, as you will see below:

Legal Trouble

Regarding workplace safety, Ireland’s Health and Safety Authority (HSA) is watchful. Operators who operate forklifts without current qualifications or employers who permit non-certified employees to use forklifts risk heavy fines and perhaps possible legal action.

More Workplace Accidents

An uncertified operator could not be up to date on safety regulations or might not have completed required training for a particular piece of equipment. This increases the likelihood of workplace accidents by potentially causing judgement errors.How long does forklift certification last


Insurance and Liabilities

It’s possible for employers to find particular clauses in their insurance plans relating to workplace safety and compliance with the law. A policy could be cancelled or premiums could increase if you operate with uncertified staff.

Brand and Personal Reputation

Businesses who disregard certification rules may experience reputational harm in addition to the immediate financial and legal repercussions. Client trust and prospective commercial possibilities may be impacted by this.

Losing your Job

Operators who work without a current qualification put themselves in danger and risk losing their jobs. Employers who are responsible wouldn’t take a chance on the potential liabilities of using uncertified operators.


A forklift licence or certificate isn’t just a piece of paper for good measure, it’s a legal requirement and proof of an operator’s competence and ability.

Masterlift believes that forklift operator safety is the most important aspect to any business that requires materials handling.

Prevention is better than the cure so getting trained up and certified, and re-certified, should be part of that approach.

Get in touch for more about our RTITB Forklift training and certification below.