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How to get a Forklift Job with No Experience in Ireland: Ultimate Guide

Want to start a new career or get into the forklift game? Wondering how to get a forklift job with no experience?

Well Ireland has plenty of opportunities and Masterlift is going to tell you how.

The materials handling and warehousing industry is booming right now, so forklift operators are in demand.

Even those with no experience!

Keep on reading and we’ll give you the essentials on breaking into the scene.

how to get a forklift job with no experience

How to get a forklift job with no experience: Understand the Role

Like any job, it’s important you know exactly what it entails before you decide to jump in.

Because often, jobs are not what they seem on the surface and there might be a lot of additional tasks involved in the role.

A forklift operator’s job may appear simple at first glance: move objects from point A to point B. But it’s far more than that.

Operators play an important role in the logistics chain by ensuring that items are moved efficiently, safely, and on time.

Every movement has an impact on storage spaces, delivery timetables, and the entire operation of a warehouse or manufacturing plant.

Precision, attention to detail, and an awareness of the dynamics of large-scale operations are required for the work.

Knowing these details will not only prepare you for the work, but will also demonstrate your dedication to future employers.

Get Trained Up

If you’ve never used a forklift before, it might seem hard to get started, but Ireland has specialised training programs that can help.

You would be surprised at the amount of people who don’t know if you need a licence to drive a forklift.

These programs are designed to help people who are just starting out, making sure they get both theoretical and practical practice.


Most of these programs offer licensing at the end, which is great for people who are new to the field and want to get started.

how to get a forklift job with no experience

This certification is proof of your skills and shows possible employers that you’re not only passionate about the job but also trained to do it.

If you already have forklift certification, well done! But don’t let your forklift certification expire!

Find out about different training centres, look at their courses, and pick the one that fits your job goals.

Masterlift offers RTITB Forklift Training and Certification, however it is now available to individuals with businesses and groups only.

How to get a forklift job with no experience: Make Safety Your Concern

When it comes to forklift jobs, all employers feel safety is the backbone of the gig.

Forklifts are dangerous machines when not used correctly so you are going to want to ensure you can be trusted to carry out your duties in a safe manner.

When things are handled wrong, they can get broken, people get hurt, or even big accidents happen.

One of the most common forklift accident is a collision with a person or vehicle.

This is why safety rules are so important to businesses in Ireland and around the world.

how to get a forklift job with no experience

A safety course does more than just look good on your resume; it teaches you how to spot possible dangers, use machinery safely, and take other precautions.

This training will help you a lot when you’re managing the narrow aisles of a warehouse or the busy floor of a factory.

Taking a recognised safety course in Ireland will not only make you feel better about yourself, but it will also give possible employers a lot of confidence in you.

They are more likely to trust a candidate who has taken the time to learn how to drive a truck safely.

Target Entry-Level Roles

Everyone has to start somewhere and it’s important to start your career in line with your ability.

These jobs, which are sometimes called “trainee” or “apprentice” roles, are meant for people who are new to the field.

Even though the first tasks may seem simple, they are actually a great way to learn about trucks.

  • Guided Learning: In these jobs, you’ll usually be paired with operators or supervisors who have a lot of experience. This mentoring method makes sure that you learn from people who are already successful in the field.
  • Training in the Real World: It’s not just theory; you have to use what you’ve learned in the real world. You can put what you’ve learned in the classroom to use by taking on real-life challenges and jobs.
  • Chances to grow: As you get better, more doors will open for you. You’ll be able to take on bigger and more difficult jobs, which will help you move up in the company.
  • Getting Potential Employers’ Attention: Applying for these jobs shows potential employers that you are dedicated. It shows that you want to learn, change, and grow in the world of forklifts, which makes you a useful asset.

Keep an eye on Jobs.ie for these forklift roles.

Highlight Transferable Skills You Have

There are different skills that you’ve learned from each role and job you’ve had.

So sing these skills that can be used in other fields is important in the forklift business.

how to get a forklift job with no experience

  • Attention to Detail: Accuracy is very important, whether you’re looking for a lost item or making sure the load weight is right. Have you ever had a job that needed close attention, like data entry or quality control? These skills will come in handy.
  • Teamwork: When everyone works together, the building runs like a well-oiled machine. Teamwork activities you’ve done in the past, like sports or projects with a group, can show that you can work well with others and speak clearly.
  • Solving problems: problems that need to be solved right away are common. It can be very helpful to have worked in jobs that needed you to think quickly and solve problems well in the past.

Network, Network, Network!

It is true that “it’s not just what you know, but who you know,” especially when you are new to a field:

So don’t be afraid to reach out and leverage as many contacts as you have to try and get your ‘foot in the door’.

There are also some other good ideas below to increase your chances of landing that gig.

  • Local Events: People who work with materials in Ireland hold classes and workshops all the time. By going to these, you can meet people who work in the same field as you and possibly find a job.
  • Online forums: These kinds of digital spaces are great for getting information and making connections. Join conversations, ask questions, and share your thoughts to let people know you’re there.
  • LinkedIn: There are a lot of job possibilities on this professional network. Get in touch with people who work with forklifts, join important groups, and keep up with news in the field.

Upgrade your CV

First impressions are very important, so nailing that CV and cover letter is important.

Has it been a while since you revamped yours?

Maybe it’s time to get editing and make it stand out from the crowd because it can be crazy how many CVs get flooded into places for jobs.

  • Custom CV: Don’t send a resume that isn’t tailored to the job. Bring up skills, training, and experiences that are useful in the forklift business.
  • Type of Cover Letter: Talk about what the company wants and how you fit into their plan. Your cover letter should show how you can be a good fit for the job and how it fits with the work description.
  • Passion often beats experience, so show your enthusiasm. Show possible employers that you want to learn about forklifts and make a difference in the world.

Be Patient and Persistent!

It might take a while to find the right forklift job, just like any other job search.

  • Never give up. Being turned down is a normal part of the process. Every “no” brings you one step closer to the right chance.
  • Regular Applications: The more you send in, the better your chances are. Make each one unique, and keep sending them out.
  • Feedback: If you fail, ask for feedback. Figuring out what you can do better is very helpful for future uses.


Learning how to get a forklift job with no experience will seem daunting at first, but if you follow the above steps the process will be much easier.

Learn as much as you can, make connections with the right people, and show off your interest.

Before you know it, you’ll be driving a forklift in the fast-paced world of business, making a name for yourself and building a satisfying job.