hyundai 130D Ireland

The Hyundai 130D-9V Forklift: Boosting HEAVY Productivity with Precision

If you’re after a machine capable of heavy lifting, proper reliability and razor precision, the Hyundai 130D-9V Forklift is your answer.

Our clients at Masterlift who purchased this big beauty have been SERIOUSLY impressed with what they have referred to as the ‘Game changer’!


Well, businesses need dependable and effective material handling machines to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced environment.

The Hyundai 130D-9V Forklift is a cutting-edge innovator that has raised the bar for forklift performance.

The 130D-9V has remarkable capabilities, cutting-edge features, and scalability to a wide range of applications, allowing enterprises to reach peak production and operational excellence.

hyundai 130D Ireland

Benefits of the Hyundai 130D-9V

There are a number of reasons why the Hyundai 130D-9V is really popular with our customers here in Ireland.

First of all this beast comes in versions from 12, 13 and 16 tonne, so there’s a model for all in the Heavy Line series. 

Here’s some of the biggest benefits of the Hyundai 130D-9V.

Exceptional Performance

The Hyundai 130D-9V’s Cummins B Series Eco Friendly engine is a potent and fuel-efficient 4.5L heart.

They have also done away with the EGR system, to increase fuel efficiency by up to 32%.

Because of the engine’s strong construction, it produces remarkable horsepower and torque, enabling quick acceleration and the capacity to easily carry heavy loads.

The state-of-the-art hydraulic system allows operators to lift and move objects with ease, reducing cycle times and increasing productivity. It also increases lifting capacity and efficiency.

Maintaining your machine is paramount to high performance too, this Ultimate Guide to Forklift Maintenance will give you all the pointers you need.

Precision Control

The Hyundai 130D-9V performs in areas where precision is essential.

Operators are able to move through confined places and small aisles with the highest precision because to its responsive and easy controls.

The incredible new fingertip control system provides response within 0.1 seconds.

That’s fast.

That precision handling enables operators to work quickly and safely, lowering the danger of harm to products and infrastructure, whether they’re traveling through crowded warehouses or reaching things that are difficult to reach.

Huge Emphasis on Safety

This new model from Hyundai is as safe a machine as you can get with some smart new technologies and systems.

In particular, while carrying big or uneven loads, the forklift’s stability control mechanism guarantees ideal balance and prevents tipping.

A rear-view camera also improves sight, allowing drivers to spot possible dangers and prevent accidents.

Additionally, the emergency stop system adds an extra degree of protection by enabling operators to immediately stop all movements in urgent circumstances.

This emphasis on safety secures not just the personnel but also the priceless goods and reduces downtime due to potential mishaps.

Unfortunately, forklift accidents are common, but this blog will help you learn how to prevent them. 


To work well, you have to be in a comfortable environment and the cab of these machines is a beautiful place to be.

The next generation cab reduces sound by 5.9 decibels and you will be comfortable with a state of the art air and swivel seat.

hyundai 130D Ireland

The roomy, luxurious cabin makes for a comfortable work atmosphere and helps keep operators awake during long shifts.

Additionally, adjustable seats and controls that are simple to access improve operator comfort and control, making for a more enjoyable working environment and higher levels of job satisfaction.


For a full list of the product features and benefits, check out the brochure HERE.

Industry Usage

The Hyundai 130D-9V forklift is widely used in a variety of industries across Ireland, in places like Roadstone, where we delivered the below machine recently.

Here are some of the most common places:

Distribution and warehousing:

The 130D-9V’s efficiency and agility boost material flow in hectic distribution and warehousing settings, allowing for quicker loading and unloading and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Construction and infrastructure:

The 130D-9V demonstrates its durability and exceptional lifting powers on construction sites, where big loads and uneven terrain are frequent obstacles.

Manufacturing & Production:

The forklift is a key component of material mobility in manufacturing facilities, which helps to expedite production procedures and shorten lead times.

Agriculture and farming:

The forklift helps with duties including loading and unloading supplies, handling large materials, and carrying harvested crops in agricultural settings.


The Hyundai 130D-9V forklift is the forklift of the future, combining efficiency, precision, and versatility to improve material handling operations.

Unlock a higher degree of productivity and safety to revolutionise your company and maintain an advantage in the cutthroat forklift market.

Invest in the Hyundai 130D-9V and see how it might benefit your company.

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