Hyundai 20BT-9

The Hyundai 20BT-9U Electric 3-Wheel Forklift Review

The Hyundai 20 BT-9U forklift is a three-wheel electric forklift designed for use in a variety of industrial settings, including warehousing, distribution centres, and manufacturing facilities.

It is the largest in its family, which includes the 15 and 18 BT-9U series.

They have been super popular with our customers in Ireland this year.

With a load capacity of 2 metric tons and a maximum lifting height of 4.5 meters, this compact and versatile forklift is ideal for navigating narrow aisles and confined spaces.

Equipped with an ergonomic operator compartment, advanced safety features, and a maintenance-free battery, the Hyundai 20 BT-9U is a reliable and efficient material handling solution for businesses of all sizes.

In this blog, we’re going to drill down further into the nitty gritty of the machine.

Hyundai 20BT-9

Hyundai 20BT-9U Forklift Technical Spec

The Hyundai 20 BT-9U forklift is a top pick for many industrial uses thanks to its impressive technical features.

This forklift can easily manage heavy loads thanks to its 2 metric tons (4,409 pounds/2000kg) of load capacity.

Operators can reach high shelves and racks thanks to the standard mast’s maximum lifting height of 4.5 meters (177 inches).

A 48-volt AC electric engine that produces smooth and effective performance powers the forklift. The 465Ah capacity of the maintenance-free battery offers enough juice for prolonged use.

Hyundai 20BT-9

This model of Hyundai 20BT-9U has reduced its energy consumption by 33% compared to the previous model.

Other important characteristics include a highest lifting speed of 0.5 m/s and a travel speed of up to 14.5 km/h (9 mph). (98 fpm).

It also features a high-quality Li-ion battery with a lifespan of almost DOUBLE a standard lead-acid battery that has virtually zero downtime for maintenance.

Advantages of the Hyundai 20BT-9U Series

The Hyundai 20 BT-9U forklift is a popular option for many companies due to its many benefits.

It is the perfect option for warehousing and distribution centres due to its compact design and small turning radius, which make it easy to move in tight spaces and narrow aisles.

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The ergonomic operator compartment provides a comfortable and efficient workspace, reducing operator fatigue and increasing productivity.

Hyundai 20BT-9

There is adjustable fingertip control and a quality 4.3 inch LCD colour monitor to provide an overview of all the essential information your operator needs.

The seat features a new low-vibration comfort seat with armrests and backrest along with a neat electronic directional switch integrated into the lever.

Advanced safety features on the forklift, including an anti-roll system, an automatic parking stop, and LED headlights, ensure that both operators and bystanders are safeguarded while the forklift is in use.

There are also two camera options available

With these benefits, the Hyundai 20 BT-9 forklift is a dependable and effective material handling option that can assist companies in streamlining their processes and cutting expenses.

Applications for the Hyundai 20BT-9U

The Hyundai 20 BT-9 forklift can be used in many different industries and has a broad range of applications.

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It can also be used to move supplies and produce around a farm in the agricultural sector, and it can be used to carry bulky building materials around a construction site.

Even in the retail sector used to replenish shelves, move inventory, and load and unload delivery vehicles.

The forklift’s small size and brilliant turning radius make it especially useful for navigating warehouses and distribution centres’ narrow aisles and confined spaces.

It is a popular choice in manufacturing facilities where it can be used for transporting raw materials and finished products due to its ergonomic operator compartment and cutting-edge safety features.

The reliable low-noise drive system and wet disc brakes are really beneficial for busy warehouses.

Maintaining your Hyundai 20BT

“To ensure the Hyundai 20 BT-9 forklift’s ongoing performance and longevity, maintenance is imperative.

Operators should check the battery and cables for any indications of damage or corrosion as part of routine battery repair. The battery’s lifespan can be increased by maintaining a complete charge and avoiding overcharging.

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Regular inspections of the forklift’s parts, including the tires, brakes, and forks, are necessary to spot wear and tear or possible problems before they worsen.

To keep the forklift operating at peak efficiency, it is advised to plan routine servicing and to keep thorough records of all maintenance and service procedures.

However, because Hyundai is the leading provider of warranties, we’re always there to assist you with a standard 2-year forklift.


The Hyundai BT-9U series of machines are a serious bit of gear, if we say so ourselves!

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If not, and you want to learn more on this machine, then get in touch with us in Masterlift HQ straight away.