Bravi Platforms: LUI 460

The LUI 460 is the aerial platform that combines the unique manoeuvrability of the Leonardo HD with the need to reach higher.

  • working height 6.6 m
  • all-steel chassis
  • control panel equipped with a large LCD display shows the vehicle status, system operation time and battery status by means of a charge indicator
  • he compact size (mm 1600x760x1855) allows a superior maneuverability
  • it can overcome slopes up to 35% (when lowered) and through the use of simple ramps it is possible to overcome obstacles such as steps and stairways

EFFICIENT AND VERSATILE The LUI 460 can be easily driven through doorways and into tight spaces that would require you to use scaffolding or ladders. The revolutionary compact size of this platform, its versatile manoeuvrability, and a reduced weight of only 1250 kg. (1124 lbs.) allow the operator to save precious time and work effortlessly. It can be loaded on small vans for fast and cost-saving transport. 35% gradeability makes the LUI 460 virtually unstoppable, and with the use of simple ramps you can overcome steps and stairways

SAFE LUI 460 moves quickly (3 km / h – lowered and 0.6 km / h – raised) optimizing time and improving operator comfort, allowing to lift tools and materials to the desired height, without the need for constant repositioning. Eliminates the danger of tripping and falling and the risks associated with the Manual Handling of Heavy Loads.

DURABLE Simple, easy to use and affordable, the LUI 460 is the result of 20 years of continuous technical improvements. Apart from the control of the water level in the batteries, LUI 460 does not require any kind of routine maintenance, guaranteeing extremely low management costs.
It is also possible to completely eliminate battery maintenance by choosing the 100 Ah battery option. 12V AGM, also available for all other models.