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Ultimate Guide to the Electric Pallet Truck

The Electric pallet truck has become an indispensable aspect of the material handling sector, providing a cost-effective and efficient means to moving awkward and heavy loads.

They can be just as useful as a forklift, but much more affordable and easier to use whilst not taking up as much space.

These machines are intended to make lifting and moving pallets faster and easier, while also lowering the risk of injury and increasing production in your warehouse or storage centre.

In this guide, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the electric pallet truck and how it can benefit you, how they work, their features, benefits, maintenance, safety, training, and certification.

Masterlift has some unbelievable machines from Hyundai, and we’ll tell you more about them below.

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electric pallet truck

What is an electric pallet truck?

An electric pallet truck can also be known as a pump truck or pallet jack?

A standard pallet or pump truck is used for lifting and moving pallets in a warehouse or other industrial facility.

It’s intended to make moving pallets faster and easier, while simultaneously lowering the risk of injury and increasing productivity.

An electric one, makes that much easier, and safer.

Depending on the type, electric pallet trucks are powered by a rechargeable battery and may lift and move loads weighing over two tonnes.

They have a pair of forks that slip under the pallet and are hydraulically raised and lowered.

Some models additionally include a powered drive function, which allows the operator to move the truck forward and backward with a control handle.

Benefits of an Electric Pallet Truck

There are so many!

Check them out below.

Increase Productivity

Electric pallet trucks are intended to assist operators in moving pallets swiftly and efficiently, hence lowering the time required to perform jobs.

They also improve manoeuvrability in small places, allowing workers to easily move pallets in and out of tiny lanes.

Less Fatigue

Your operator won’t have to lug around an electric pallet truck like they would a manual one.

This means they won’t get fatigued as quick and are way more productive.

Save Money

Electric pallet trucks are less expensive to operate than gas or diesel forklifts.

They are more environmentally friendly since they require less maintenance, use less fuel, and emit no emissions.

electric pallet truck

Improve Safety with an Electric Pallet Truck

Electric pallet trucks are outfitted with safety measures such as automatic braking and anti-roll-back systems, which aid in the prevention of workplace accidents and injuries.

They’re also built to safely carry big loads, lowering the danger of product damage.

Features of Hyundai Electric Pallet Truck

Hyundai Electric Pallet Trucks are stacked with other great features, like:


Hyundai Materials Handling’s electric pallet trucks have simple and straightforward controls.

This allows operators to complete their responsibilities more efficiently and accurately, lowering the probability of errors and mishaps.

Ergonomic Design

All of Hyundai Materials Handling’s electric pallet trucks are ergonomically designed.

This means they are comfortable for operators to operate, even during lengthy shifts, and they aid in reducing operator fatigue and injury.

electric pallet truck

Added Durability

The electric pallet trucks from Hyundai Materials Handling are built to last, with sturdy frames and high-quality components.

This guarantees that they can withstand big weights and continuous use without breaking down or needing to be repaired frequently.

More Safety Features on Electric Pallet Truck

Finally, all of Hyundai Materials Handling’s electric pallet trucks include a variety of safety measures like emergency stop buttons, safety horns, and protective guards.

These features help to keep operators and other workers safe while the trucks are in operation.

Electric Pallet Truck Maintenance and Safety

Like all forklifts and material handling equipment, maintaining it correctly is crucial for a long working life.

Plus, regular maintenance can assist in identifying possible faults before they become severe ones, hence decreasing downtime and repair costs.

Here are some guidelines for keeping your Hyundai Materials Handling electric pallet trucks in good working order:

Follow Hyundai & Masterlift Guidelines

Follow the Hyundai Materials Handling maintenance requirements for your individual model of electric pallet truck. These rules will specify how frequently maintenance chores should be performed and what precise actions must be completed. Or else, just ask us!

Charge Batteries Regularly

Maintain the appropriate charging levels for your electric pallet truck batteries. This can assist to increase the life of the batteries and keep the truck running smoothly. This Ultimate Guide to Forklift Batteries blog will tell you why.

Check your Tyres and Wheels

Check the tyres and wheels of your electric pallet trucks on a regular basis to ensure they are in good shape and properly inflated.

This can help to prevent accidents and keep the trucks running smoothly.

Check your Forks and Loader

Inspect your electric pallet trucks’ forks and loader for evidence of damage or wear. To guarantee safe functioning, replace any damaged or worn components as soon as feasible.

In terms of forklift safety and electric pallet trucks, you should treat these just like a normal sized machine.

Because safety is that important.

We have a full guide on Top Tips for Forklift Safety which you should apply across your company, warehouse or yard on a daily basis.

Electric Pallet Truck Certification & licence

Proper training and certification on a pallet or pump truck is just as important as a normal counterbalance, side loader or whatever type of forklift you have.

In Ireland, employers are legally required to ensure their employees are correctly trained to operate machines and that goes for most countries across the world too.

This blog answers If You Need a Licence to Drive a forklift?

Some when it comes to training your operators, keep these in mind.

Get RTITB Accredited

RTITB Forklift Training and Certification is the gold standard in Ireland, the UK and Europe. Masterlift are qualified RTITB instructors and we can come to your workplace to to train your staff.

Check out more on Forklift Training and how to get in touch HERE.

We can provide fresh training, refresher training and cater for all levels of operators from beginners to advanced.


Electric pallet trucks are a must-have for any company that wants to carry large goods swiftly and efficiently.

They have several advantages over manual pallet trucks, including enhanced production, lower labour costs, and better operator comfort.

Electric pallet trucks from Hyundai Materials Handling are a dependable and cost-effective alternative for enterprises of all sizes.

At Masterlift, we are proud to offer a range of Hyundai Materials Handling electric pallet truck.

Our team of experts can help you select the right model for your business needs, as well as provide ongoing maintenance and support to keep your equipment running smoothly.

Contact us today to learn more about our electric pallet truck options and services.