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What is a telescopic forklift?

Nowadays forklifts come in many different forms, so don’t worry if you are wondering what is a telescopic forklift?

The traditional forklift has long been a mainstay at construction sites and warehouses, but a particular kind has gained popularity recently: the telescopic forklift.

This amazing machine aims to elevate rather than simply lift our perception of what forklifts are capable of.

We’ll go further into the world of the telescopic forklifts in this blog, highlighting the fantastic selection provided by JCB and proudly sold by Masterlift in Ireland.

What is a telescopic forklift?

A telescopic forklift, sometimes known as a “telehandler,” is fundamentally a cross between a crane and a standard forklift.

It has a unique feature called an extensible boom that allows it to reach heights and distances that conventional forklifts cannot.

Due to its adaptability, it is indispensable for operations requiring height or reach, such as stacking bulky pallets on tall shelves or picking up cargo from a distance.

Why Telehandlers or Telescopic forklifts are game-changers

Pallets being moved throughout a warehouse by a robust vehicle generally comes to mind when we think about forklifts.

The telescoping forklift or telehandler, shatter this stereotype and redefines the parameters of what we have come to anticipate.

Here’s why.


Telehandlers are chameleons in the realm of machinery, unlike their conventional counterparts.

With the help of their extensible booms, they can easily handle a wider range of duties. Need a high spot to store your goods? It is necessary to use the telehandler’s outstanding height reach.

Working in an environment where a standard forklift would have trouble? Because of its sturdy construction and versatility, the telehandler successfully handles these difficulties.

Better Safety

Telehandlers aren’t only about pushing the envelope; they’re also about doing it safely.

Even with the boom fully extended, the risk of tipping is diminished because to their robust base.

Additionally, a lot of contemporary telehandlers come with cutting-edge safety features like load monitoring systems and anti-tilt devices to protect the user and the environment.

what is a telescopic forklift

Space Optimisation

Telehandlers offer a solution for organisations wishing to maximise their storage without expanding their footprint in a time when every square foot counts.

Because of their capacity to reach the ceiling, warehouses can give priority to vertical storage, enabling a more effective design and maximising the use of available space.

That is one of the uses for what a telescopic forklift is.

Why JCB Telehandlers lead the industry

For many years, JCB has been at the forefront of construction and material handling innovation.

With their telescoping forklift series, they’ve once again established standards for others to follow.

But what distinguishes the JCB telescopic forklifts from the competition?

Advanced tech

JCB has embraced technological improvements to supercharge their telehandlers in the digital age.

The use of cutting-edge user interfaces guarantees that operators can simply move the equipment, while smart fuel consumption technologies enhance long-term operations.

Furthermore, JCB’s powerful diagnostic systems enable real-time monitoring, ensuring that any abnormalities are discovered and handled as soon as possible, saving downtime.


A machine is only as good as its longevity and durability and JCB telehandlers are built to last.

That’s why they are used all across the world.

what is a telescopic forklift

These telehandlers are built to endure the demands of heavy-duty tasks and difficult conditions by using high-quality materials and rigorous testing.

This robustness translates into cheaper maintenance costs and a longer operational life, resulting in a higher ROI.

Wide range to choose from

JCB understands that one size does not fit all.

Their product line caters to a wide range of industry needs, ranging from miniature telehandlers ideal for confined urban spaces to massive heavy-duty models capable of handling the most demanding operations.

This variety ensures that organisations of any size or domain can discover a JCB telescopic forklift that meets their specific needs – be it electric or traditional fuel.

Masterlift & JCB Partnership

Behind every excellent piece of machinery is a committed distribution network that ensures clients can access, use, and benefit from these advancements.

Masterlift is a key player in the area of telescopic forklifts in Ireland.

  • Masterlift and JCB both share a vision of providing excellence. While JCB brings engineering marvels to the table, Masterlift makes these masterpieces available to Irish enterprises, promoting an environment of efficiency and progress.
  • Expertise and Training: Distributing a machine is one thing; ensuring that users can fully utilise it is quite another. Masterlift takes pride in providing extensive training sessions to ensure that operators understand the complexities of JCB telehandlers.
  • Unbeatable Support: The Masterlift-JCB partnership is about delivering unshakable support throughout the product lifecycle, not simply selling machines. Masterlift is a foundation of support for its clients, ensuring that their JCB telescopic forklifts run well, whether through regular maintenance, handling unforeseen situations, or delivering genuine JCB parts.

what is a telescopic forklift

Where Telehanders or telescopic handlers are used

Warehousing and Logistics:

Inventory in large warehouses is frequently stacked high to maximize space.

Telehandlers perform admirably in these conditions, ensuring that products, even those on the highest shelves, are easily accessible.

Their wide reach ensures optimal use of vertical storage space, which is especially useful in transportation hubs where space is limited.

Renewable Energy

With the rising use of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar, there is a greater need for machinery that can aid in the installation and maintenance of tall structures such as wind turbines.

Telehandlers’ capacity to reach great heights makes operations like transferring and putting heavy components a snap.

Councils and municipal work

Telehandlers’ flexibility is visible, from assisting in routine maintenance of public infrastructure to assisting in emergency situations.

Their adaptability in handling various attachments, such as buckets and lift platforms, makes them an asset in public service activities across the world and not just in Ireland.

Quarries & mining scrapyards

The strong construction and capability of telescopic forklifts come to the fore in the rough terrains of mines and quarries.

Their strength and mobility are critical when hauling ore, moving equipment, or assisting in excavation.

Galway Metals use their ‘Wastehandler’ to great affect – check it out in the video above.

Agricultural and landscaping

Telehandlers have unrivalled reach and power for operations such as tree care, removal, and large-scale landscaping work.

Their utility shines through whether they’re moving massive trees or transporting large amounts of soil and materials.

They are also very useful around Irish farms for stacking bales or silage jobs.


If you want to know more about these incredible machines or what is a telescopic forklift, get in touch now.

Whether you’re in construction, logistics, agriculture, or any of the myriad sectors that can benefit from a telescopic forklift, the JCB range at Masterlift has something tailored just for you.

Check them out below.